XL Catlin Case Study

The client is an international insurance company working in multiple sites around the world with office networks spanning more than 50 cities. As an organisation it is committed to ensuring its facilities are well managed, offering a secure, cost effective yet world-class working environment globally.

The Challenge

The move to a prestigious new London headquarters in 2011 provided the customer with an opportunity to reconsider how it was managing its global facilities and try to achieve a more centralised method of managing access, security and employee services. It already had an IP network in place and it wanted one system that could operate across multiple sites anywhere in the world.
The organisation wanted its new London base to showcase a cutting edge experience for employees, clients and partners, as well as be a model for all future workspaces, whether it was sole occupancy or multi-tenant buildings.

Our Solution

Redstone has extensive expertise in combining disparate IT and Building Management Systems (BMS) into one platform to provide seamless systems integration. OneCard translates the features of the various integrated systems into tangible benefits, so if an organisation has multiple buildings located nationally or internationally, OneCard can provide a common solution that is managed from a central site or multiple locations.
OneCard benefits for businesses:

  • No boundaries. Systems run over the IP network, so one system can operate across multiple sites anywhere in the world.
  • Access control – easy management of employee and visitor access, with fully customised access levels.
  • Improved security – knowledge of which occupants are in the building, with automatic control of the movement of PTZ IP CCTV cameras to monitor events such as out-of-hours access, forced entry or an alarm being raised.
  • Reduced operating costs – use of lights, power and heating to rooms or entire floors only when they are required.
  • Cashless vending - Whether it’s a canteen or vending machine, cardholders don’t need to carry cash on them – and when working from overseas offices they don’t need to worry about local currencies. The customer uses the latest version of Worldpay, which also provides on-line top up.
  • Less storage space used - access and monitoring of intelligent lockers save space on dedicated employee lockers.
  • Pull printing - Cardholders can send a document to print, then just swipe their card at the nearest printer to collect their print job. This reduces erroneous print jobs and security breaches.
  • Facilities management. Overheads are reduced while providing real-time operating analytics
  • Building access control – authorised cardholders can enter and exit buildings and roomsanywhere in the world.

The Results

Redstone’s OneCard system went live at the organisation’s London HQ early in 2011 and is in the process of being rolled out across key global sites including Canada, Kuala Lumpar, Singapore, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney and Zurich.


Typically 25% of a building construction cost is Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and 75% is Operating Expenditure (OPEX). Therefore a reduction in OPEX can provide significant cost savings over the lifecycle of a building. In this project CAPEX was significantly reduced by utilising the existing IP network and OPEX savings were introduced by the reduced energy and facility administration costs that OneCard provided.

  • Redstone’s OneCard solution manages employee access to all facilities and services globally and the facilities management team can now effectively manage multiple offices worldwide from one location in London.
  • General door access in principal offices are now dynamically controlled, with roll-out planned for more sites. This means that levels of security can be managed and modified temporary access can also be given to visitors.
  • Within meeting rooms access to fridges for refreshments are card controlled. This enables easy cross-charging for refreshments across all departments globally.
  • OneCard enables staff to use cashless vending, and all purchases can be logged easily against their employee ID.
  • New integrated lockers now use OneCard, requiring less space than dedicated employee lockers and providing the ability to monitor staff usage against demand and improve utilisation rates.
  • Pull printing using OneCard allows employees to print documents from any part of the office anywhere in the world. To date, integrated pull printing has cut print volumes by 40%.

The organisation has a more integrated, automated facilities management in key sites globally, which is cost effective and secure as well as adding value to the organisation as a brand and as an employer.
The employees also experience a whole new way of working, they are part of a seamless environment which is dynamically controlled. From when they enter the building employees have access to office facilities, meeting rooms, visitor hospitality, cashless vending, printing documents and personal storage space within a physically and technically secure environment.

Other capabilities of OneCard


    Cardholders can book a room in their calendar, then just swipe their card to enter the room at the designated time. If the meeting is not attended, the room can be automatically released - allowing for better utilisation rates and improved efficiency.


    Heating, ventilation and lights can all be automatically activated for the cardholder’s arrival.


    Integrating IP CCTV into OneCard has can allow organisations to manage and monitor office security globally, CCTV footage can be accessed from one operations centre to deal with any security alerts worldwide.