Integration & Commissioning

Integration and commissioning is at the core of a Smart Building; Redstone ensures that this critical element of the project is managed and delivered effectively to meet clients' business objectives.

How We Work

Redstone’s integration service takes the challenges and risks out of Smart Building projects by taking on interoperability responsibility and developing a strategy and process that can be deployed across all sub systems. This ensures that all systems are compliant from the beginning of the contract and not at the end. The process includes management of IP addresses, ports, protocols, security and cause and effect.

The commissioning services provide an important part of every contract. Redstone's experts have knowledge in each application area so are able to undertake the commissioning of services on behalf of customers.

Redstone’s agility ensures that we can react quickly to changing situations, either in or out of contract, to support our clients' needs.

Key Benefits


    Our processes enable us to set a strategy at the beginning of a contract and have all sub-systems aligned from the outset.


    From sub-system commissioning through to penetration testing of security breaches, our team has the expertise.


    We approach integration from an independent perspective. Integration needs a purpose and a business benefit – we ensure this happens for our clients.


    Our processes and enablement plans make what may be considered as a complex project, logical and manageable. We provide reassurance for all stakeholders and contractors that the integration of systems is being managed.


    While this is not a requirement on many contracts, from our experience this process eliminates project delays, security breaches and proves cause and effect.