Service Desk

A scalable, flexible and tailored service provision that aligns with your business needs both now and into the future. Our solutions reduce cost while delivering a quality service.

How We Work

Our service desk solution is tailored specifically to our clients' needs, offering a suite of services including 24/7 support, reporting against SLAs all supported by our highly trained engineers. We pride ourselves on being accountable and through our dashboards and reports, provide you with the information you require to remain in control.

At Redstone we strive to deliver outstanding performance and customer service. With our experience and resource your business is in safe hands. The Redstone service desk unites our one-stop-shop ethic, providing a variety of services that are operationally aligned that maximise value and user experience for our clients. 

Regardless of complexity, size or application we are confident that your experience of the Redstone service desk will be a positive one for you and your business.

Key Benefits


    We strive to deliver a high quality service that meets its targets. We're able to make this process transparent to clients through our dashboards and reporting.


    Our contracts are flexible to support your changing business needs, positive or negative.


    Gives you the flexibility to scale your support needs in line with business requirements and avoids over/understaffing, helping you to minimise your operating costs.


    Start small, either with a single site, department or service and scale at a pace that suits your business needs.


    Our qualified team of experts on the the dedicated Redstone service desk are able to address most IT challenges.