Demand Side Management

We help our clients understand the makeup of their energy spend, and minimise their pass-through charges from suppliers by implementing smarter strategies for energy consumption.

Our Solution

Our Demand Side Management (DSM) solution minimises electricity supply pass-through charges such as Red Zone charges or TNUoS (Transmission Network Use of System) - also more commonly known as Triad charges and DUoS (Distribution Use of System). If managed effectively it is possible to reduce your annual energy spend between 10-15% with minimal capital outlay. The Redstone DSM solution is at the forefront of this market by our advanced cost effective demand side management technology, we can open up opportunities for our customers. We enable our clients to not only by supply side charges, but also to be ready for revenue generating schemes that minimise usage at peak times. This is being done through the increased use of technology, information and control of your building’s assets (typically HVAC and Lighting) with little to no impact on occupants.

Key Benefits


    Reduce peak time energy costs from suppliers with little to no impact on building occupants or service levels.


    Ensure that your total energy strategy fits together, from energy monitoring, BeMS, lighting, supply, DSM and beyond.


    A DSM solution enables your business to flex your assets and be ready for changing policy, pricing and legislation.


    Through participating in industry schemes, of which there are a number, significant revenues can be generated from curtailing loads at peak times.


    Most clients already have the infrastructure in place, as a result capital costs are minimal.