Intelligent Lighting

Redstone is at the forefront of a lighting evolution that will deliver extraordinary value beyond illumination to the users and operators of spaces.

Our Systems

Lighting has a profound effect on the well-being, productivity, and vitality of a worker. Effectively lit and attractive environments enhance your image, help you recruit and retain high-value employees, and increase the total value of your facility.

Redstone's connected lighting systems can precisely manage the lighting in a facility with a combination of control strategies, allowing you to deliver the optimum light levels for performing tasks safely and effectively. By integrating luminaires with sophisticated controls and comprehensive management systems, you can streamline business activities while saving energy and ensuring employee satisfaction.

With deeper insight into our customers’ activities and preferences, we can tailor lighting to create welcoming and memorable experiences while achieving the energy efficiency and sustainability goals that are the cornerstone of your brand.

Key Benefits


    Extend the asset life and reduce the operating costs with the Redstone lighting solutions.


    The clear evolution where IT and lighting are becoming one, enables us to deliver technology, skills and solutions to our clients under a single contract.


    Lighting can interact with information such as calendar bookings, time of day and day of the week, or to triggers from other building systems.


    Effectively lit environments enhance your image, help you recruit and retain high-value employees, and increase the total value of your facility.


    Choosing the right lighting combined with energy control can dramatically impact the operating costs for most businesses.


LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lighting is a great solution for most buildings as LED lights instantly obtain 100% output and use up to 90% less energy. They are also much more reliable for buildings that need 24 hour lighting, and in recent years, there have been vast improvements in the manufacture of LED. The quality of light that is available now is exceptional making it a more cost effective answer.


  • Long Life. Outstanding operational expectation of up to 100,000 hours. An LED bulb that is used daily for eight hours will last around 20 years before it needs to be replaced.
  • Energy Efficiency. An estimated energy efficiency of 80%-90% makes it the most efficient way of lighting.
  • Ecologically Friendly. LED lights are 100% recyclable and contain no toxic materials, reducing your carbon emissions by up to a third.
  • Durable Quality. LEDs are extremely durable and rugged and built with components that can withstand even the harshest conditions.
  • Design Flexibility. Individual LEDs can be dimmed, enabling control of light and colour. LED lighting systems can achieve amazing effects, for the eye, mood and the mind.
  • Cost. LEDs are semiconductors producing light through the movement of electrons, which is more economical than passing an electric current through a wire

LED is creating a revolution for us all with improved light levels for occupants, significantly reduced operating costs, greater control opportunities and having a huge impact on carbon emissions.


Lighting Technology

Luminaires can be uniquely identified and integrated into the IT network in a building or city and share information about their status and operation. Combined with integrated sensors, each luminaire becomes a point of intelligence that can share information on occupancy, activity, changes in temperature, humidity and daylight.

By integrating wireless technology into the lighting system, location-based services can be delivered in-context information, via mobile apps, to people in the illuminated spaces. Connected lighting gives you greater customer insight, lets you deliver superior customer experience, creates personalised workspaces, and adds a layer of intelligence to the environment that responds and adapts to people’s preferences and needs.
With our sophisticated lighting management software, operators of spaces can monitor and manage lighting system in real time.


  • Save energy. With the advances in lighting technology over the past few years up to 80% savings can now be achieved over conventional lighting.
  • Personalised spaces. Provides occupants a workplace that is suited to their needs and enhancing user comfort, productivity, and safety.
  • Transform environments. Create ambience and vision with targeted, dynamic light.
  • Track performance. Get real-time data on lighting system status and operations.
  • Integrate with other systems. Make your lighting system part of the digital ecology of your building or city.

Ensure your lighting solutions remain current and leading edge in the years to come by engaging with the lighting and IT expertise of Redstone.