Cabling Infrastructure

A well-designed cabling infrastructure solution can provide long term operational cost savings, greater business continuity, scalability, and resilience across your organisation.

How We Work

With extensive experience of many types of installation across a wide variety of environments, Redstone is a recognised innovator and market-leader in the structured cabling arena. Redstone designs, implements and supports high performance structured cabling infrastructures to suit your requirements, ensuring that they provide the bandwidth and resilience to grow with your business needs.
Our track record includes high profile implementations in environments such as office buildings, data centres, retail schemes, financial services, university campuses, pharmaceutical R&D environments, government offices and stadia. Our highly skilled and trained structured cabling team is dedicated to providing cabling solutions on time, on budget and delivered to the highest standards.

Key Benefits


    Structured cabling reduces the costs and challenges of managing your IT environment.


    Your IT system will have higher predictability and availability and increase the longevity of your business’ infrastructure


    As your business needs change, your IT infrastructure will be ready to quickly adapt in a more reliable and less disruptive manner.


    Identifying issues when they occur will take less time if you have selected the right solution from the outset.

Intelligent Infrastructure Management

Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IIM) solutions from Redstone are enabling organisations to implement highly effective infrastructure strategies, whilst aiding compliance within regulatory and best practice frameworks.

Redstone is at the forefront of the IIM sector. Our in-house team of experts assess your requirements before designing a bespoke solution that integrates with your other business critical software systems as well as providing true end-to-end visibility of all the physical and logical components on your network. Redstone has the project and service delivery expertise to guide you through the process and provide you with a comprehensive service, ongoing management, support and training packages that will equip your IT team with the skills required to get the best from IIM.

  • Centralised management and visibility. Monitor and manage switch ports from your IT infrastructure across your portfolio, putting you in control.
  • Improved operational efficiency. Real-time overview of the network from outlet to switch port providing increased business continuity and awareness.
  • Intelligent power management. Reduce cost, kWh and carbon using the intelligent power management rules.
  • Asset tracking. Physical location and tracking of networked devices across departments, buildings, sites and estates.
  • Simple management tool. Graphical representations show network assets and discovered devices on floor plans and network diagrams in real-time.

By deploying an IIM solution you will benefit from much greater visibility of your network and infrastructure cabling, which in turn can dramatically reduce audit trails, improve current operational processes and ultimately minimise downtime.


Structured Cabling Systems

Selecting the correct cabling solution for your needs can be  a daunting task especially in these times of ever evolving technology. Redstone  provides a 'best of breed' cabling consultancy service to help you choose the  right solution to address your business challenge and applications. With  extensive experience of many types of installations across a wide variety of  environments, Redstone is a recognised innovator and market-leader in the  structured cabling arena.

Our track record includes high profile implementations in  environments such as office buildings, data centres, retail schemes, remote  facilities, university campuses, airports, pharmaceutical R&D environments,  government offices and stadia.

Our highly skilled and trained teams are dedicated to  delivering cabling solutions on time, to budget and to the highest standards,  and provide a service offering which includes:

  • Consultancy and advice. A dedicated design consultancy  service that will advise on the best cabling management system for you. We can  incorporate both the corporate and building services networks into a single  design.
  • Proven project management and process. Cabling management  is at the core of our business, which includes process and delivery.
  • Simpler installation and management. Utilising our in house  pre-termination facilities we can deliver to the site on a “just in time”  basis, minimising cost, project management and risk.
  • Flexible in design. As landlords, tenants and corporate  occupiers change their needs, our process is able to accommodate these moves,  adds and changes in a very agile manner.
  • Reduced operating costs. During its lifecycle a well  designed and installed cabling system will make considerable operating cost  savings to most businesses through reduced downtime, business continuity and  staff efficiencies.


Early adoption of Redstone's cable management system will  eliminate duplication, as well as streamline and meet schedule requirements.  Capital and operational savings can be made and the building itself will  perform more functionally and efficiently throughout its lifecycle.