Empower employees, engage customers and reduce risk and exposure with Redstone wireless solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

Wireless Infrastructure

In today’s fast moving business markets, there is an expectation by tenants and employees that WiFi should be available to staff and visitors throughout the workplace.

Redstone provides a wireless network platform for enabling enterprise-wide access to an organisation's applications and data. Wireless infrastructure allows users to take the office with them wherever they go.
Our expertise allows us to design and implement for large enterprises as well as small office spaces. We also have experience in designing and installing WiFi in large public spaces, such as shopping malls and stadiums.

Key Benefits


    The wireless nature of WiFi enables users to access network assets from any convenient location within their primary networking environment.


    A high capacity design creates flexibility for landlords, owners and tenants to meet changing business needs with existing infrastructure.


    Initial setup of an infrastructure-based wireless network can be from as little as a single access point right through to a fully integrated enterprise wide solution.


    Users connected to a wireless network can maintain a nearly constant affiliation with their desired network as they move from place to place.


    With the development of public wireless networks, users can access the internet even outside their normal work environment.